About Silk Way West Airlines

As Ambition Movers, our guiding principle is clear: ambition. This burning impulse not only propels us in transporting cargo but also fuels our drive to broaden the reach of Silk Way West Airlines on a global scale.

Our journey began in 2012 in Baku, the beating heart of the Silk Road. With a fleet comprising 14 specialized Boeing 777F, 747-8F, and 747-400F aircraft stationed at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, we span the globe across hundreds of flights every month. Our partnership agreement signed with Boeing on April 28, 2021 marked a milestone, as we entered a strategic agreement to enhance our fleet with five new 777 Freighters. This commitment to expansion was further underscored on November 10, 2022, through the acquisition of two cutting-edge 777-8 Freighters, in addition to an agreement with Airbus for two A350 Freighters dated June 28, 2022.

Our operations boast an annual cargo turnover surpassing 500,000 tons, with a network that extends to over 40 destinations worldwide, encompassing Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Asia, and the Americas.

We have been members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 2015, which highlights our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest international safety standards for air cargo.

Our dedication to excellence was acknowledged in 2020, when we received the prestigious ‘Cargo Airline of the Year’ award from South Korea’s Incheon Airport, highlighting our outstanding service and operational achievements in the air cargo industry.

As a holder of the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificate, we have broadened our services to include the transport of medical goods and pharmaceutical logistics, establishing ourselves as a key player in the reliable handling of time- and temperature-sensitive cargo. This has positioned us at the forefront of global medical supply distribution.

Our adherence to the United Nations Global Compact Initiative underscores our dedication to conducting business in a sustainable and ethical manner. By embracing the initiative's core principles— respect for best practices in human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption—we endeavour to make a meaningful impact on the global stage and set a benchmark in corporate responsibility.

In every endeavour, our ambition is the driving force behind our aspiration to not just move cargo, but to also shift boundaries, consistently striving for excellence and expansion on a worldwide scale.


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Tracking information

AWB Number501 - 11284066
Origin Destination Flight Date Book Pieces Weight Volume Status
DAC GYD 7L134 22NOV21 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38 RCF
Station Status Date Time Status code Pieces Weight Volume
MXP Booked 25NOV21 15:45 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38
MXP Booked 25NOV21 15:45 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38
GYD Received From Flight 25NOV21 21:21 RCF 1396 0.0 0.0
GYD Consignee/Agent notified of arrival 25NOV21 21:23 NFD 1396 0.0 0.0
DAC Departed on Flight 25NOV21 22:07 DEP 1396 9987.0 4.98
DAC Manifested on Flight 25NOV21 22:07 MAN 336 2403.0 14.29