Silk Way West Airlines expands ULD agreement with ACL Airshop

Silk Way West Airlines, the leading cargo airline in the Caspian and Central Asian region, proudly announces the extension of its longstanding strategic collaboration with ACL Airshop, the leading worldwide Unit Load Device (ULD) provider. This renewal encompasses a comprehensive multi-year ULD agreement, reinforcing a mutual commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of air freight operations. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Silk Way West Airlines and ACL Airshop, bringing together the strengths and expertise of both companies.

By extending their collaboration, Silk Way West Airlines will continue to streamline its cargo-handling processes, ensuring quicker turnaround and transit times for shipments, while ACL Airshop will provide cutting-edge ULD solutions, leveraging technology to enhance cargo protection, tracking, and overall supply chain visibility. The partnership emphasizes an ongoing commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, and will feature joint initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly solutions within the air cargo industry. In addition to ULDs, the partnership extends to the provision of innovative logistical management and state-of-the-art technologies, promising accelerated services, streamlined logistics, and substantial cost savings.

A focal point of this strategic partnership is the introduction of Bluetooth innovation for real-time ULD tracking, a revolutionary step towards optimizing cargo transportation.

Vugar Mammadov, Vice-President CIS and Central Asia of Silk Way West Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership stating: "This strategic collaboration with ACL Airshop is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to our customers. By combining our strengths, we aim to set a new benchmark in air freight logistics and contribute to the growth of the global cargo industry."

"We are excited about the opportunities that this strategic partnership brings," said Steve Townes, President and CEO of ACL Airshop. "Together with Silk Way West Airlines, we will drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and create a more sustainable and resilient air cargo ecosystem."

Maurice van Terheijden, Managing Director EMEA for ACL Airshop added, “Both companies Silk Way West Airlines and ACL Airshop boast cultures of exceptional performance, making it an honor for us to evolve in tandem with our partner.”

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Tracking information

AWB Number501 - 11284066
Origin Destination Flight Date Book Pieces Weight Volume Status
DAC GYD 7L134 22NOV21 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38 RCF
Station Status Date Time Status code Pieces Weight Volume
MXP Booked 25NOV21 15:45 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38
MXP Booked 25NOV21 15:45 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38
GYD Received From Flight 25NOV21 21:21 RCF 1396 0.0 0.0
GYD Consignee/Agent notified of arrival 25NOV21 21:23 NFD 1396 0.0 0.0
DAC Departed on Flight 25NOV21 22:07 DEP 1396 9987.0 4.98
DAC Manifested on Flight 25NOV21 22:07 MAN 336 2403.0 14.29