Boeing 747-400F

The 747-400F (Freighter) is an all freight version of the 747-400 - the best-selling model of the Boeing 747 family of jet airliners.

The 747-400F has a main deck nose door and a mechanized cargo handling system. The nose door swings up so that pallets or containers can be loaded straight in on motor-driven rollers. The side cargo door allows loading of dimensional taller, oversized cargo modules.

Number in Fleet 5
Max Takeoff weight 397,000kg
Max Payload 125,000 kg
Cruise speed 907 km/h
Max Range 8,230 km with MTOW

Cargo door dimensions

Width 340 cm
Height 300 cm

Boeing B747-400F meets a unique demands of our customers by providing an options for carriage:

Oversized: Main Deck cargo: An access for outsize cargo starts at +3m length (up to 20m) or +2.4 m height, heavy machinery equipment for oil & gas, aerospace, automobiles industries and etc.

Dangerous Goods: Strict adherence to IATA and ICAO regulations. SWW's certified personnel is able to provide carriage all classes of dangerous goods and different nature of goods, including explosive, radioactive, lithium batteries.

Pharma: Three independently controlled temperature zones enabling the transportation of different products of cargo on the same flight with invariable temperatures within each zone, (Temp Range: 4°C to 29°C).

Perishable: With help of SWW well trained specialists around the network, our customers are always sure that their perishable goods are handled with care and stored in temperature controlled zone.